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Leavenworth: 913-651-8415
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Call Us Today!
Leavenworth: 913-651-8415
Olathe: 913-393-3828

About Us

Jacqueline R. Pfeifer, Ph.D.

Dr. Pfeifer is the co-owner of the group practice. She is a psychologist who works with children, families, couples and women. She has a multifaceted experiential background with a variety of populations. Dr. Pfeifer uses an educational and supportive approach to therapy. She works to establish an open and trusting relationship with her clients in order to create a working a relationship. She is practical and encouraging to her clients, knowing that true change and growth is the responsibility and the accomplishment of the client’s hard work.

W.A. "Mike" Moffitt, III, Ph.D.

Dr. Moffitt is the co-owner of the group practice. He is a psychologist who works with a variety of clients in individual, family, and marriage therapy. Dr. Moffitt has extensive training in the treatment of children, adolescents, couples and families. He previously served as Chief Psychologist, Program Director of Adult Psychiatric Unit and Director of Dual Diagnosis Services at Osawatomie State Hospital. His clinical interests include working with individuals with anxiety-related disorders, depression, addictions and the use of hypnosis for habit control (smoking cessation, weight loss, pain control).

Leif E. Leaf, Ph.D.

Dr. Leaf was formally the Neuropsychologist/Clinical director for a neuro-rehabilitation program in Las Vegas. Dr. Leaf is a nationally recognized expert and conference speaker on topics related to neuropsychology, behavioral management and traumatic brain injuries. As a former speech pathologist, his interests have included working with adults and children with anxiety-related disorders, family issues and organic brain syndrome.

Everett DeHaven, Ph.D.

Dr. DeHaven is a licensed psychologist who has many years of experience in working with children and adults. He has specialized in developmental disabilities and behavior problems with children.  He has served as the Chief Psychologist at the Youth Center at Topeka and past Clinical Director and Coordinator at Saint Francis Academy providing residential services for children across several states.  Having over 10 years of experience providing outpatient therapy to children, Dr. DeHaven prefers to work with families when helping children/youth resolve their struffles in life.  Using a common sense approach to diminish emotional struggles and behavioural difficulties is a priority while employing proven therapeutic techniques is an ongoing focus of Dr. DeHaven's approach with each individual client.  Dr. DeHaven often looks at how his clients' thoughts and emotions are connected with their behavior and interactions with others.

Deborah L. Weidinger, Ph.D.

Dr. Weidinger is an experienced psycholgist who works with children, adolescents and families.  She specializes in the treatment of oppositional behavior, family therapy as well as psycholgical and educational assessment.  Dr. Weidinger utilizes a behavioral approach in her work with clients.  She has training n Applied Behavioral Analysis, Behavioiral Pediatrics and Brief Startegic Family Therapy.  Dr. Weidinger has been affiiated with Leavenworth Special Educatoin, the Leavenworth County Multi-Disciplinary Team, and the Leavenworth County Big Brothers and Sisters Program.

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